our Staff

Rev. Neil janes

Senior Pastor

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Landon Harting

Associate Pastor & Youth Ministries Director

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Taylor Evans

Wesley Hilltop House Pastor

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Paige Waldron

Wesley Hilltop House Executive Director

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Keshia Pitt

Childcare Director

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Childcare Assistant Director

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Susan Humphries

Children’s Ministries Director

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Abigail Calhoun

Worship Ministries Director

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Sandra Kuerzi

Music Emeritus Director

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Frances Scott


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Jessica Spears

Hospitality Director and Webmaster

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Christina harting

Media Technology & Administrative Assistant

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David Logsdon

Information Technologies

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Mary Craig Haley

Office Manager

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Denise Carrizales

Financial Administrator

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Becky Baumfalk

Administrative Assistant

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Wayne Funderburk

Building Superintendent

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Mike and Sherri Morrissey

Missionaries to Thailand

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For more info on the Thailand Methodist Mission, visit www.thailandmethodist.org